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Dr Mariam Alayande

Dr Mariam Alayande is among the ICA trained doctors that just passed their MDCN qualifying examination following training at  International Craniofacial Academy(ICA). She shares her story.


At the beginning, the chief consultant- Dr Seidu Bello said the goal of the training was bigger than passing the MDCN exam; it was about making us better doctors. He believed that if we are good doctors, passing the exam would not be a problem. The training in ICA was enlightening, my process of studying and understanding the dental field changed during my time in ICA, I was taught how to approach dentistry in a less abstract way and I got to see my textbook come to life in the clinic. All the doctors and staff were always ready to help,and that was as resourceful as it was encouraging.

    All the theoretical and practical knowledge we gained via the daily viva, both in class and in the clinic was a major confidence booster. This positively influenced my organization and my way of approach to the MCQ’s, OSCE and VIVA section of the examination. I’m not only grateful that I passed the exam, I’m delighted that I had the opportunity to become a better doctor in the process. It’s with tremendous delight that I recommend ICA for dental candidates preparing to write the MDCN exam. Thank you ICA

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