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"ICA has definitely groomed my confidence and taught me how to be specific with my response which helped me during my VIVA (oral examination)"

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Dr Mariam Alayande

"I was taught how to approach dentistry in a less abstract way and I got to see my textbook come to life in the clinic. All the doctors and staff were always ready to help,and that was as resourceful as it was encouraging."

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Dr. Eboh Daberechi Grace

"Even though I joined through the online platform,  I wasn't left behind; it seemed all real, because Dr. Bello taught us with real life patients' cases he had handled."

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Dr Hauwa Kabir Kibiya, AKTH, Kano

"I was hesitant at first, but it was the best decision I have ever taken in life. The way they connected with us, their students, is in such a way that makes us feel deeply motivated to do our best and excel."

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Dr  Jamila Jaafar

""I can proudly say ICA has really impacted in my life not just for the MDCN exam alone but for the future as well. I strongly recommend it especially for a full time clinical training."

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