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“ICA has definitely groomed my confidence and taught me how to be specific with my response which helped me during my VIVA (oral examination)”. These are the words of Dr Fatima Kulloma, who was one of the doctors that went through the coaching classes at ICA, and passed the examination that took place at UCH, Ibadan, Nov 2020. She went further to express her feelings about the centre.

I could recall how disorganized I was prior to my first attempt of the MDCN examination but at ICA I learnt how to categorize a lot of conditions, diseases and differential diagnosis of each disease entity which I must say made my answers flow without deviating into a wrong direction. The surgery rounds we were privileged to participate did not only helped us to see cases that were hitherto seen only in textbooks but was a stimulator of how life as a house officer would be. The chief consultant was always open to guide us in areas of concerns and simplified the most difficult of topics in few words which would have taken an average student several months to understand.

Consultant orthodontics was marvellous. Dr osho simplified the subject of removable and fixed orthodontic management which made the examination very easy.

The supporting resident doctors and auxillary staff have shown competence in making us understand how the dental system here in Nigeria works.

How can we improve on the training at ICA? Dr Kulloma suggested a more extensive patient/students interaction as well as improvement in training of core subjects including complete denture, partial denture and different aspects of local anaesthesia.

It is an honor to share my success story. I would definitely recommend ICA to dental candidates who would be sitting for the next exams.

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