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                                                       ICA DENTAL IMPLANT COURSE

      Replacement of missing teeth by osseointegrated dental implant is now a standard worldwide. This is predicated on 3 factors: (1) Dental implant replaced artificial teeth are very functional, comparable to normal teeth. (2) The teeth are fixed and thus maintenance in terms of brushing is similar to normal teeth and (3) Complication is rare and hence success very predictable, success rate is put between 97 to 98%.  Despite the rapid growth of implantology training worldwide, comprehensive implant training centres are lacking in Nigeria and Africa. This is why International Craniofacial Academy is embarking on a comprehensive implant training programme. (Inquiry: +2348054929034).

    This implant training will be carried out in conjunction with Dr George Jaibin of  Cocin Implant Institute, Cocin, India and ADIN Dental Implants, South Africa.

ICA plans to hold 2 courses: (1) Basic Implant Course, for beginners (2) Advanced Implant Course, focussing on advanced training seekers.


The training will feature didactic lectures, practical demonstrations, hands-on and Live surgery sessions.  There will be a limited chance to place implants on live patients during training.

There will be 2 batches of April and Nov per year. Registration for the next batch is open and will feature 2 Day Basic Implant Course (April 21 & 22) and Advanced Implant Course (April 23 & 24).  See attached posters for more information Details for the November batch would be communicated if available.


  1. All graduates will be assisted to acquire ADIN IMPLANT SYSTEM to start up (Purchase of ADIN IMPLANT KIT qualifies a participant to enjoy a discount on the course fee).

  2. All graduates of ICA implant training will be entitled to support services from our QH Specialist Dental Clinics & Research Centre, to establish their implant treatment outfit.

  3. Further clinical training is available on continuous basis at the centre, at a minimal cost.

  4. All graduates can benefit from observership programme of the centre.

  5. Low Budget accommodation available at ICA hostel. Click Here for more information

  6. Preparation of students towards international certification.

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