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Director of Foundation honored in Jamaica for Philanthropy

By Bello Fawaz

A golden fish has no hiding place, so says an adage. Dr Seidu Adebayo Bello, the founder and the Executive Director of Cleft & Facial Deformity Foundation was honored in Jamaica with an award of excellence for his philanthropic activities. The award was presented by University of Ibadan medical students set of 92 during their biennial reunion get-together. “I have received many awards but this is unique because it was presented by my peers with the purest of intentions; no string attached. It will spur me into doing more for the less privileged that are afflicted with facial deformity diseases “declared Dr Seidu Bello. Two other members of the group were equally recognized during the ceremony while others were honored with leadership awards.

Cleft &Facial Deformity Foundation was established 2010 by Dr Bello and several patients have benefited from the rotary surgical outreach programme with focus on less privileged people afflicted with facial deformity diseases.

PIC: Dr Deji Faseemo receiving the award on behalf Dr Dr Seidu Bello

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25 ago 2022

Congratulations Chief

I celebrate with you Sir.

I'll like to be like you when I grow up

Me gusta
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