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International Craniofacial Academy Commences Comprehensive Implant Training in Abuja, Nigeria.

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

“With persistence, consistency and perseverance, success is assured” so says an African adage. This is the best way to describe the actualization of a long dream of a comprehensive dental implant training that was launched last week. .

According to a release in Abuja by the director of the organisation, Dr Seidu Bello, ICA hopes to collaborate with Cocin Implant Institute, India and ADIN Dental Implants, South Africa, for the training.

There will be 2 modules: Basic and advanced course of 2 days each. The course will hold twice a year and will feature didactic lectures, practicals and hands-on training.

The thrust of the training is to bridge the gap of knowledge between the developed and developing countries of Nigeria and Africa. This has the potential to expand education, reduce medical tourism and safe the countries of Africa significant foreign exchange expended yearly on medical treatment and training abroad.

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